We are serious about climate positivity

Who we are

We are a sustainability consultancy powered by young professionals.


As business consultants with a sustainable mindset, we make sure long-term strategy and profit go hand-in-hand. We consider ourselves multipliers and accelerators.


We accelerate the race to zero by helping businesses find realistic and actionable pathways to reduce their environmental footprints and create a business strategy around sustainability.


And we multiply positive impact by democratizing knowledge around ethical and environmental practices, and serving companies across sectors as they step into sustainability.

What we do

We create tailored strategies to embed sustainability into your operations and policies by addressing your company’s social and environmental impact.


Sustainability isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. That’s why we offer different solutions to different businesses with different priorities – anything ranging from carbon footprint assessments, water and energy-saving strategies, supply chain analyses or industry-specific corporate trainings.


Here you will find a complete list of our services.

What is a net-positive business?

You’ve heard the term carbon-neutral. When genuinely achieved it means “we’re doing no harm”. Well net-positivity means: “we’re doing good”


A net-positive business creates value by focusing on a long-term strategy and thinking of all actors involved.


Transforming your business into a regenerative and sustainable one is not a simple task, but taking part in this global shift is a unique business opportunity and a thrilling challenge.


Here at Moiety, we create a real and measurable positive impact for businesses. Doing “less bad” is not good enough. You should be contributing actively to the wellbeing of planet and people.

What drives us

Solution-oriented thinking

Impact-driven decisions



Why sustainability matters

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of consumers have said they are more likely to purchase products clearly labeled as eco-friendly
0 %
of consumers think that sustainability should be a standard business practice
0 %
of investors plan to increase their allocation to ESG investments over the next year

What our clients say about Moiety

The goal was to determine how our company could be more sustainable from processes to policy to mindset. Their professionalism and knowledge helped us to create a bespoke sustainability manual specific to our needs. We have many commercial kitchens which were included in the scope of the new sustainability roadmap. Our sustainability outlook has changed dramatically and we are proud of our achievements. We have even won public tenders for new contracts because of our new commitment to sustainable development.
TFW Food Services
We contacted Moiety because we wanted to make sure we were approaching sustainability the right way. They helped us create a launch roadmap for our slow fashion brand, and verify the sustainability claims of our suppliers. We decided to keep working with them and today they're helping us scale Gala from a local boutique to an established sustainable fashion brand.
Gala Studio
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