Case study: Shared

Category: hospitality
Focus: assessment and implementation

Brief company background

Determined to advance the local cocktail culture, the owners of bar Shared has been passionate about educating and engaging their customers with every sip. With a craft menu selection, low lights and a welcoming atmosphere, Shared became a hot spot for young urban regulars. They quickly started to make a name for themselves and understood the impact of their own marketing on the community.

Company objectives

Shared came to Moiety with only one objective. They told us: “We want to be a bar that makes people feel good as well as actually doing good for the community and the planet.” The question they asked was: “How do we advance our sustainability and create an even greater positive impact around us?”

Our process

Moiety first did an energy and water usage audit and tracked all materials coming into the bar and their source. We then tackled the areas of greatest impact which were:

  • Water and ice usage
  • Fresh ingredients storage
  • Sourcing alternatives for sustainable practices
  • Waste management overhaul!
  • Created a zero-waste cocktail menu
  • Trained staff in all new practices within the bar
  • Created a marketing strategy highlighting their new practices

The results

Moiety and Shared worked together for one year to implement all the sustainable strategies in an easy-breezy way. They were a committed bunch and the results speak for themselves:

  • 20% reduction of water use
  • 17.6% reduction of energy use
  • reduction of scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by 35%
  • 43% growth of social media followers
  • creation of an award-winning zero-waste cocktail menu
  • adding greater value to the community by sourcing locally
  • increased brand loyalty

If this case inspired you, reach out to us to hear how we can achieve similar results in your bar or restaurant.

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