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Materiality Assessment and Reporting

Identify your priorities

The first step to transforming your business is to understand its current environmental and social impact.

We can help you do so by analysing and assessing your operations, identifying the areas for improvement and choosing your priorities.

We will present our findings in the form of a detailed and tailored report that includes

  • the results of our assessment, including your carbon, water and waste footprints if relevant
  • gaps, risks and opportunities linked to sustainability
  • potential goals and targets
  • sustainability strategy
  • proposed next steps

You can use this report internally as your corporate sustainability blueprint, or publicly to show your customers your commitment to transparency and sustainability.  

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Implementation and Monitoring

Transform your business

We want you to walk the talk. So once we know your business inside and out, we will help you apply and implement a customized sustainability strategy that will allow you to reach your business goals responsibly.

We also want for the measures we introduce in your company to make a positive impact in the long term.

That is why we will regularly monitor how they’re affecting your corporate environment, you operations and your input, and suggest any changes if necessary. 

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Training and guidance

Promote change from within

We believe in the “teach a man how to fish” mentality.

It is crucial to have external input to analyse and assess your operations, but turning your team into sustainability champions is key to a winning business strategy.

Your management team and your staff need to uphold the values you want your business to follow on the daily basis, and we can help you with that.

Moiety offers tailored training sessions for staff, as well as corporate guidance for business owners, managers and executives. 

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Ethical marketing strategy

Market your sustainability efforts

After you put all the hard work to transform your business, it’s time to let all your stakeholders know about the positive changes you’ve made. 

Our marketing team will help you navigate ethical marketing and help you create a strategy to communicate your efforts in an effective way to attract new customers, investors and talent. 

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Tender procurement

Present the winning (sustainable) bid

Today, winning bids are those that can properly prove and communicate their commitment to sustainability. 

Elements of social and environmental responsibility are not just preferred, but in some occasions they’re mandatory. We will help you ensure your bid is up to the required ESG or sustainability standards. 

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Supporting start-ups

Build a future-proof foundation

Sustainability can be embedded into the nature and essence of your start-up if you implement the right strategy from the beginning. 

We can help you create a holistic business strategy with environmental and social values at its core.

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