Materiality Assessment & Reporting

What is materiality?

Materiality is just another word for your priorities

Spreading yourself thin across many goals and tasks will likely mean you won’t be able to give sufficient time and energy into any of them.

A materiality assessment is a supportive tool for a business to have in their arsenal. Moiety conducts the full assessment so you don’t have to worry about it.

What information do we gather?

  • Stakeholder expectations and concerns through deep dive interviews
  • Any ESG-relevant regulation and disclosure requirements
  • The impact you have on the environment from locally to globally
  • Your company’s values and corporate culture
  • The risks threatening your value growth 
  • The opportunities in the realm of ESG that can benefit your business 

Why conduct a materiality assessment?

Stakeholders Expect More

Businesses need to be more clued-in and reactive to issues related to climate change in order to meet the new found interests of stakeholders to environmental impact

Consumers are Watching

ESG standards and decisions can greatly impact a company’s reputation in the eyes of the consumer, especially with Gen Z

Vital for Your SWOT

Analysing the threats and opportunities through an ESG lens can support the future-proofing of your company in terms of new legislation, compliance, and stakeholder expectations

Highlight Your Hard Work

Display the results of your materiality matrix for the world to see and highlight your company's commitment to sustainable development

Add Value to Your Marketing

Good materiality should be celebrated across all your marketing channels. It’s a big win for any company and consumers will be more engaged and responsive to your brand

Remember, a materiality assessment should never be used as a box-ticking instrument. It’s the sum of your ESG efforts. If you put the work in, you will see sustainable business results.


What’s the point of this materiality assessment if you don’t understand the results? Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

We here at Moiety believe in providing you with an actionable and concise report containing:

  • Materiality Matrix
  • A sustainability strategy for your company
  • A roadmap for your sustainability journey
  • How to improve the results of your materiality matrix
  • Risks for which you should be aware
  • Our professional recommendations regarding communications of your ESG activities

We know you have a busy work life and will find it hard to totally deep dive in to your report. That’s why we can concisely present our findings through a presentation to the C-Suite and training for all employees.

See more about our Trainings here. 

*Note: our reporting is non-financial

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