ESG Tender Procurement

Until recently, the main criteria being considered in an invitation to tender were price/quality-related. Whoever makes a bid with the cheapest price versus the best quality would win the bid. 

Good news for ESG fans! New criteria in public tenders are calling for more ESG requirements. As governments are putting more resources in to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, they must ensure any public contractor or supplier they work with are also meeting those needs.

What does this mean for your company?


If you want to win public tender contracts, you should include practices which are ESG driven.

 These might include:

Here at Moiety we can help you ensure your tender bid is up to the ESG standards required. We can implement measures across the business quickly and effectively to ensure you’re ready for those tender bids.

Want to learn more about how Moiety can support your tendering process? Drop us a no-commitment message and we can discuss our opportunities for valuable sustainable growth.

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