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We here at Moiety believe in the teach-a-man-to-fish method. We believe that making the world a better place is a hefty task that needs a lot of muscle. That’s why corporate training is one of our own strategic goals.

Training of your C-suite and other employees can be the difference between “that report you did that time” and “being the change you wanted to see in the world”.

Who can take part in our workshops?


Execs need the necessary skills to address social and environmental issues. As regulations change rapidly, it’sIt can also motivate the entire organisation to adopt a sustainable strategy.


Aside from being able to motivate employees, training also helps managers redirect their organisations toward sustainability. However, it can be very challenging to manage all of the goals and short-term actions.


All employees have to be involved in building a sustainable strategy and culture within the company. This should be spread horizontally across the organisation.

Are you an entrepreneur, founder or start-up? We also have something for you. Here is how we can work together.

What value do Moiety corporate trainings add?

Our sustainability workshops are tailored just for your company and your industry, and they are offered online and in-house. Each workshop we’ve so far has taken many different forms. But they generally go like this:

Industry background

Introduction to sustainability trends, topics and upcoming regulations relevant to your industry.

Feedback from your employees

Activities to determine the opportunities for sustainable growth within your company.

Here’s what you can do… 

Presenting the sustainable solutions proposed by Moiety for your company. A sustainable development plan is made for you, and adapted on the spot based on your employee’s feedback.

Make it make business sense…

 We align the sustainable development plan with your existing business goals and objectives.

Tracking your ROI

We give a strategy for tracking your ROI of sustainability.

Marketing tips for greater recognition

Explore all of the marketing benefits of a sustainable business. We look at how to communicate your successes, what language to use, and how to gain recognition through influencers and other sustainable business platforms.

Leave with a plan…

All our participants will leave with an exact roadmap and action plan for sustainable development in the company.

We know all of that seems a bit daunting but don’t fret, we here at Moiety love giving dynamic, engaging, and clear as day trainings. Let’s consider this more like a Company Fun-Day. Let’s get motivated and excited about this fresh perspective in your corporate culture.

Don’t have a sustainability strategy? Check out our Materiality & Reporting section to find out how we can make this happen.

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